Summer days are here…

Well almost.

The days are getting longer and it’s ok wearing thin jackets now, so slowly the sun is being nice and sunny! One of the mostawaited to-do-things in the summer is swimming….for my kids anyway. They love the water unlike me, and would spend a whole day there if allowed. lol.


I never allow the kids on water without their arm floats. Safety is of course a primary concern. It is with the help of the floats that they learned how to swim, our little boy learned when he was 2.

Summers…I don’t like the sun too much because I brown easily, same for the kids but come autumn, their color would pale again.  Sun protection is also important when going out in the summer. A lotion with SPF 30 is best during those fun days.

Don’t forget the beach ball, floats, goggles and water gun for additional fun…oh swimsuits and swimwear!!! I always buy one size bigger a year before, (read:when they’re on sale ;).



Summer means shades, hat and ice cream time too! (Photos are from our Italy vacation last summer.)

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