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People would usually have two things to say about technology – it’s awesome or it’s made so many people lazy. Whatever differences in opinion individuals may have, there is no denying how technology has had a huge impact on how entrepreneurs manage their businesses. In fact, technology has modified how entrepreneurs regulate their customer base. It has also changed how businesses interact with their customers, all thanks to Customer Relationship Management software or CRM software, which has been around for quite some time.

While the practicality of CRM software is undeniable, a growing number of businesses have adapted a more streamline approach – the use of mobile applications to manage their customers – and are starting to reap numerous rewards from such apps. Mobile apps, both Android and iOS, for customer management has made it possible for each member of a team to keep in step with office protocols and manage individual customer accounts even when away from the office. Because of this, the productivity as well as the sales of the company can be boosted.

It’s a good thing that developing mobile apps these days have become a breeze, but especially so with Android apps. In fact, one doesn’t need to have a solid background in app development or IT in order to create your own Android apps. Creating apps have become commonplace thanks to websites that make app creation as easy as 1-2-3.

Mobile Apps for Your Business

Let’s suppose you have a startup business and you want to attract potential customers. How do you go about it? Simple. Create catchy, convenient, and reliable mobile applications that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

However, before tapping the most feasible mobile app software being used today, entrepreneurs, especially the newbies should know what mobile applications could do to their businesses.

1. Mobile applications are very convenient for consumers. Customers can access a certain website or program just by tapping several keys on their smartphones. Mobile applications empower consumers to further educate themselves about the products and/or service that they’re considering.

2. Mobile applications promote freedom. Since creating your own mobile apps give you free rein on what and what not to include, you can easily maintain your business’ program, manipulate various information, enter up to date info, and install new data. It’s about the owner having no restrictions regarding his company.

3. Creating your own mobile applications allows you to make use of features to enhance customer communication. Such applications could leverage the brand especially since it’s already installed in the device. Other than that, mobile applications could aid entrepreneurs in enhancing their interaction with their consumers. They could as well handle queries and complaints, as well as solve problems efficiently.

Where to Look for Android Mobile Apps Creator

Are you finally convinced as to the usefulness of creating your own Android apps for your business? If you are, here are a few platforms that you can check out. These platforms make creating Android mobile apps so much easier.

* ChupaMobile

This site offers app and game templates that are fully customizable. You don’t even have to start from scratch because everything you’ll need to start creating your Android app is right there.

* TheAppBuilder

This specific platform supplies a suite of applications, which would fit events, clients, brochures, as well as the employees, and there are two different approaches. User could develop an application by utilizing the online toolkit. It has a dedicated AppLibrary, which allows the entrepreneur to render the users with a vast range of apps, which could be customized with the company’s own branding.

* Mobile Roadie

This is among the most sought-after application creators, since it enables the users to develop, as well as manage their own Android or iOS application. This platform could support all kinds of media.

There you have it. It doesn’t take a genius to create an Android app for your business. With ample computer know-how and a solid platform to help you create a failsafe app, you’d be creating apps like a pro in no time.


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