Car Safety Must for Kids

After watching the video below, my heart is racing and pounding as though it fell from seeing the child fall on the road. Growing up, I’ve seen and heard of car accidents where those involved would be bound at a hospital for long, or worse, didn’t survive for not putting their seat belt on.   Per advice of a Portland car accident lawyer, here are some of the car safety must for kids, we parents should look after.

Seat Belts

We in one way or another know of how crucial safety belts/seat belts are. When worn, seat belts reduce injuries by stopping the wearer from hitting hard interior elements of the vehicle, or other passengers (what is called second impact). Seat belts make sure passengers are in the correct position for the airbag to deploy and prevent the passenger from being thrown off the vehicle. They are designed to absorb impact energy by stretching when there’s sudden deceleration. With such,  there is less differential speed between the passenger’s body and their vehicle interior.Continue Reading…