Every bride-to-be wants to look her best for her wedding day. Not only is this supposed to be a once in a lifetime celebration, but it is a moment in which will be captured by every camera, smartphone, and video in attendance. For many women, the start of wedding planning also means looking for efficient solutions to get their body wedding ready. The only problem is, not every solution is safe or effective. If you’re trying to get the best body in time for your wedding, here are some realistic and unrealistic ways to get it done.

Unrealistic Method: Major Surgeries

There are a number of surgical procedures out there that are believed to help individuals looking to change their body image to do so without the hard work of dieting and exercising. Scheduling a major surgery before your wedding, however, isn’t a realistic way to get the body you want for your ceremony. For starters, there are a lot of risks involved with going under the knife and results and recovery time can vary. You may schedule a procedure and not heal in time to look your best for your wedding, or even worse, end up with a body you’re not satisfied with.

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