Wondering how to get the most out of your next family photo shoot? Follow these top tips for capturing better family photos. You’ll be sure to shoot moments that will be treasured for generations.

1. Communication is Key

If you’ve been photographing people for a while you’ve probably noticed that a lot of individuals don’t feel comfortable in photo shoots. One of the less technical (but still important) aspects of your job is utilising your social skills – talking to your clients is vital to understand their requirements, as well as getting a sense of their personalities and how best to represent them.

A little banter also helps them relax; find a light-hearted subject you can chat to them about. The more comfortable you make the family feel, the better your photos are going to turn out. Communication is also important with children, who as a general rule hate being told what to do, (especially from a stranger.) The more you create trust with them, the better your rapport for snapping great shots.

2. Go with What Feels Natural

Don’t make the family pose in ways that feel unnatural to them! This only results in forced, austere shots. Instead, discuss beforehand what kind of poses they’d like to experiment with and show them examples of different poses. Have the family interact with each other in a fun way by telling jokes and being silly, this helps them relax while you snap naturalistic photos that capture the good vibes.

Capturing better family photos mean  being flexible. When it comes to working with children and young kids, it can’t hurt to be a little childlike and playful with them! Show them that you’re enjoying the session and let them know that it’s okay to have fun. When kids enjoy themselves this translates into beautiful photos. If they start getting restless, let them take a short break to run around and play before bringing them back to the shoot. Continue Reading…