It’s been two months since I went to the Vienna Autoshow, and what do you know?  The mercedes new A class debuted at the Geneva Motorshow!  I would have loved getting up close to this new family car from Mercedes Benz.  Many others who are in the market for small family cars are awaiting its retail in the coming month.  I recall reading about this new Benz model when the Telegraph made a review of  it some time ago.


Looking at the photographs, the new A class is a real keeper with its sleek and sporty look.  But, make no mistake about it, this new Mercedes is skilfully designed and engineered to take off from the racing circuit to coast through city and country roads.  You would love to drive off in a sporty looking hatchback while fitting your brood of kids comfortably at the back seat – although, this compact might be too tight for more than a couple of full-sized adults.  The trunk is also cramped at 341 liters in capacity, but since this new A class is a compact, being able to comfortably fit your baby stroller or maybe even a couple of suitcases in your boot is good enough.
Mercedes New A Class
Lovely in blue!


There is really nothing earth-shaking about the insides of the new A class.  Everything takes after a previous model or another brand.  What the manufacturers did was to breathe new life into class standard components by refining them and combining them to provide a fine ride for families in the C-segment.  Although still quite pricey at less than £19,000 for a basic model, industry sideliners are predicting that Mercedes will take its share of the market with a chunk of the C-segment clamouring for the new A class.


Of course, what’s a premium car without all the modern and techie bells and whistles.  Stepping up from the basic 4-cylinder 6-speed manual transmission model, you can choose your “add-ons” from Mercedes’ menu of upholstery and trim, equipment, and other accessories.  If you wish, you can switch from comfort suspension to sports suspension with speed sensitive power steering.  Other accessories like electric seat adjusters and navigation controls can also be availed of at additional costs.  When you have chosen your new A class premium family car, all you have to worry about are your “On-the-Road” costs which include your road excise duty, your registration fees, delivery charges, and cost of number plates.


I’ve featured other cars over at my other blog, feel free to see more of them by clicking here. Below is a cute pink and black Smart Brabus which I like a lot; perfect for the single lady but not for the family.


Smart Brabus pink and black
Smart Brabus