As a professional photographer, you may be someone who makes more than half your annual income from your photography. You are confronted with a dilemma that all professionals, visual artists, and business people face: how to sell your service or your products.

Here are four diverse and low-cost ways to promote your professional photography business:

Market your photography business online

Although there are many ways to market online, here is a checklist of steps to take to develop a simple but robust marketing system:

  • Choose a web hosting provider that offers fast service for a high-load website.
  • Make a portfolio online with a template that allows you to showcase samples of your best work.
  • Add a blog to your website to create fresh content that will improve your search engine ranking.
  • Sign up on LinkedIn, a social media platform for businesses, to create a business profile, network, and share your latest blog posts.
  • Create a Facebook account so that you can use Facebook ads to send paid traffic to your website.

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