School Trips: Still Important

^Daughter (red shoe laces) and her classmates at the airport -waiting for their flight to Dublin.

Think back to your childhood days, the time you spent at school. What is the first thing you think of? We’re willing to bet that, apart from maybe your first kiss, a favourite teacher or your worst punishment, school trips will be some of the fondest memories.

School trips gave you and your fellow students the chance to escape the everyday monotony of the classroom with its dull desks and exercise books, getting to experience real learning, hands-on learning which was much more enjoyable than the rigmarole of examinations.

Sadly, thanks to increasing concerns about health and safety, the school trip has been slowly receding into memory-only territory in recent years. Many within the teaching sector do still advocate its relevance; here are 4 Reasons Why School Trips are Still Important.Continue Reading…