Cartoons have a funny way of depicting real life.  For instance, you’ll know that a character has been having a bad day if you see a raincloud drawn over his head.  You just can’t help but crack up at the image of rain falling on him alone, while the rest of the world stays dry and comfy.

On certain days, I can very well be that character incarnate.  I sometimes feel so miserable that I feel there’s a dark cloud looming over me.  Thoughts of the entire world conspiring against me come to the surface, and then I feel the cloud only getting darker and heavier.

And then, I come across this cartoon of a man smiling despite having both his legs in a cast, and with a bandage around his head.  I think about how incredible it is for someone who has suffered so much misfortune to still manage to smile.  Could this cartoon be a reflection of real life as well?  I’m guessing the answer to this is “yes”.  Even in the midst of terrible circumstances, it is still possible for us to be optimistic.  So, how exactly do we see the silver lining to every cloud that comes our way?

“Yellow flowers come forward in the landscape helping to make a large garden feel cozier.”


If we keep telling ourselves these four words, “This too shall pass”, it will remind us that nothing in this world is permanent.  Whatever it is we’re going through, it will definitely pass.  That’s just how the universe works.  Try looking back a year ago, and you’ll realize that nothing is quite the same.  At some point, something big or small has changed over the passing of time.

Thankfulness is also something which will help see us through the bad times.  Look around you, and you’re sure to find something you can still be thankful for.  If your car breaks down in the middle of a busy highway, be grateful that you still have a car.  If the man you’ve professed your love to suddenly drops you like a hot potato, be thankful that you still have your friends and family by your side.

When life throws curve balls at us, it’s but natural to sulk and wallow in misery.  But if we try our hardest to look for the positive for every negative, the white for every black, we should be able to be optimistic despite unpleasant circumstances.  If anything, it’s that optimism which will help see us through the dark days.