I finally settled with this old template, old because I’ve used this before. If you’ve been here often you’d know how many times I’ve changed this blog’s template. I was aiming for something light yet one that my blog niche closely reflects. It’s not easy finding one. There are simply too many beautiful templates out there but could be too crowded for search engine optimization.

I found one that I really like and been using it for my  other blog. I like it because it’s clean and there are two sidebars that I can optimize for all the widgets I need. The only problem is the main post is too small for my photos since I prefer my photos to be around 500 pixels in width. Photo below is an example; fits the width perfectly.




Being not so techie, I am still learning the ropes when it comes to search engine optimization. I ask my husband, a graphic artist, about this stuff. Since he doesn’t enjoy explaining I don’t get much of a satisfactory answer.

I’m tempted to hire services of SEO Dallas, one that is experienced with exposure, keyword development and other areas relevant to SEO. Friends have been advising me to do so especially those who have hired SEO service optimization for their blogs. Since I maintain more than 10 blogs now I’d probably get help from the experts in this field, leave the optimization to them and just worry about what to write. 🙂