The Benefits of Riding a Horse

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Children and adults alike go horseback riding for various reasons. Many of us just love being active and being outside of the four walls of our homes, while others may have a genuine passion for the competitive side of things and esteem to take it to a professional level one day. Simple as it may look, there is huge amount of dedication required to actually do the sport professionally. On the less competitive side of things, we cannot forget about the physical gains of climbing onto the back of such a beautiful and poised animal.

Horseback riding helps to develop your core muscles and your stability, which has the resulting benefit of giving you a better posture. Horse riding is commonly categorized as a cardiovascular or aerobic sport, so you end up working larger muscles over a longer duration, ultimately increasing your stamina as you progress. Trust me, it doesn’t look like those riders are doing much on top of that horse, but it requires a lot of tenacity on their part as well.

benefits of riding a horse

Horseback riding is the more premium type sport, so getting started will never be as easy as simply buying a football and some football shoes to go with it. A rider requires durable leather boots, a stable where they can maybe rent or keep their horse and other essentials like Gatehouse rider wear from equestrian clearance, just to name a few.

Your horse whispering skills will probably also increase, as you have communicate with the horse via your body language, which is the same way the horse communicated with its owner. This is a good way to enhance your awareness of all things around you and also a good way to teach your child, if that may be case, how to take care of another living creature. Equestrian sports also will also teach your child the all important lesson on patience and persistence.

If you are a fit-nut who frequently watch your calorie intake, then it might be good to know that you could burn up to 500 calories per hour if you do an hour of galloping (cool right?).