Disneyland Resort Paris is located 32 km from the center of Paris at a new town called Marnee La VallΓ©e, where most disney-themed hotels are also located.


The Resort has two theme parks, Disney Studios and Disneyland Park plus an entertainment district, Disney Village.

We headed first to Disney Studios and were delighted to see the big Mickey ears on the water tank…hubby, comic as usual requested for a photo. —->

Disney Studios Park is divided into themed lots. We didn’t wait much in line to see the featured videos but did lots of photo ops.

Charlton on a sweeping broom (Beauty and the Beast).

Daniel with (Disney Pixar) Monsters Inc.’s Mike Wazowski, the only photo were he isn’t crying.

Reason why Daniel never came near other mascots again. Sulley (again from Monsters Inc.) surely lives up to his name of being the top scarer!

Alexie beside Luigi and Charlton beside Guido in their tire shop (Cars, Disney Pixar).

Alexie with Minnie Mouse, we had to wait in line for an autograph and photo op. Tip: Bring your own pen and autograph book, the DisneyPrincess-designed pen costs 2,90 euros, the autograph book: 4,90!

Charlton was not in the mood then, so Alexie had all the photo ops with the mascots. This is either Chip or Dale…I cannot tell the difference. =D

We were also in line for Pluto’s autograph but lost the chance because Goofy who did nothing but goof around run away with Pluto somewhere! T’was really fun, though the place is huge, its worth moving about, following the crowd, snapping photos and reliving the stories of the cartoon characters we have been familiar with through the years. Surely is a place for children but is definitely also a good time for the child-at-heart!

Mickey Mouse, Disney’s icon. Walt Disney and Mickey, how it all started.