I was watching videos of the earthquake and tsunami that occured in Japan. I can’t help but cry, my heart goes out to everyone affected of the tragedy in one way or anoother. I am specially wanting to hear of a fellow blogger, Mommy Clang. She left a comment around 12 noon (Japan time) on Friday and I’ve since been visiting her FB page and her site, Kizuna, to check on her. My cousin who I messaged at the same time I messaged Mommy Clang replied yesterday that they’re ok and another friend living in Chiba still feeds me with news of tremors, grocery stores being empty and whatnots.

I’ve had for so many times expressed my fondness for anything Japanese that it even prompted me to learn the language. It’s no secret that I enjoyed learning it more than I enjoyed learning German, the language of the country I am living in. I love watching animes even as a kid but my enthusiasm was amplified later on when my kids show the same interest.  It was my ex-boyfriend (now hubby) who made me love Japanese food and inclined me to read mangas…so you see, I cannot discount the feeling of sadness seeing the devastation a country who brought the world karaoke, video games, cosplay, and most especially their greatest contribution to the food industry…


I wrote a haiku over at my other blog and I’m sharing it here too.

doko ka ni 
 akai taiyou Nippon wa 
joushou suru ne

somewhere there
 the red sun
Japan will rise 

I believe in their capacity to pick up the pieces and rise as a nation. Until then, my thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Japan, my home country; the Philippines, neighboring countries and  all places where the tsunami ripples ended up.
Here are some of the photos I took some weekends ago…during the Aninite cosplay event. It’s being held in Vienna annually and very near our place too. Hubby and I would certainly prepare for this come October. We will all each dress up as an anime character. 🙂

(A styrophor onigiri at the door, onigiri has been a Japanese staple dating back as far as the 11th century  as Samurai’s quick lunch. Mario, Luigi and friends; one of the most popular game characters Japan’s Nintendo has created. Aerith Gainsborough,  a player character in Square’s (now Square Enix) console role-playing game Final Fantasy VII.)

I’ve mentioned Kuya O in my previous posts. He’s my highschool senior who’s been based in Osaka for some years now. He is in Vienna for a research program. We’ve been scouring the city for good scenes and good food…having been used to the freshness of seafood in Japan, we would often go Japanese.

Below is Kirin’s big serving of sushi that my little girl ordered. Kirin is a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine…located at the heart of the city and coincidentally very near the Nihon News agency. Kuya O pointed the building sign to me while we were looking for Kirin. (I sometimes…rather, often get lost around.)


We were at the place around two o’clock in the afternoon and there weren’t much people dining…well, most were leaving already considering that it’s late lunchtime. We were greeted by a friendly server, a Japanese-speaking Chinese! 🙂  I talked to her in German while  Kuya O talked to her in Japanese. She gladly took our humble orders with a smile…and courteously left for the kitchen.
It didn’t take long for the miso soup to be served followed by our obentou. I had grilled tuna and Kuya O had yakitori (skewered chicken)…both are served with spring rolls, salmon sushi and maki and fresh fruits for dessert. The sushi were good but the tuna dish isn’t something I’d swoon over. Next time I’ll try the yakitori too!

There’s a lot more that I love about Japan and Japanese in general but I will save them for other posts. For now, my thoughts of Japan would be enough.
Gonzagagasse 17
1010 Vienna

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