Back in the days, gold or gold-silver is the standard if not traditional wedding ring that couples use when exchanging vows. But now, titanium is taking much attention in replacement of gold wedding rings, Hubby and I had these rings too (below photo) since 2 years ago which we ordered specifically as “partners” but of different size of course.

Titanium has been known to us only as something employed in sapace stuff and saltwater projects, then being used in commercial applications. Nowadays, titanium is also used in jewelry manufacture in the last twenty years…proving itself valuable as gold and silver are.


Why does choosing a titanium ring practical? Aside from design, the different titanium grades of these rings would be absolutely tarnish-free. There is a wide selection of  titanium (marriage) rings available. You’ll be suprised to find that  not only solid titanium are your option, you can also opt for titanium in combination with gold or platinum.

Well, if you do not have plans yet  you can always look cool and classy wearing  black tungsten rings.