Music has always been my constant companion. Whenever I run, when I cook, even when I blog; I always have a song playing behind the background. It soothes me. It also makes me think…makes me wonder – my  hypothalamus especially gets emotive over sentimental songs. One such song that calls forth dispiritedness, if not utter sorrow, is Ronan Keating’s If Tomorrow Never Comes (that part that goes “if I never wake up in the morning”).


I know, I should not be soaking in this kind of emotion but let’s face the inevitable fact that…we age, we leave this world, period. Every waking morning I face the mirror and wonder “where has 32 years of my life gone by?” And what if tomorrow never comes for me? I shudder at the thought. Without a minute into it, my little boy comes hugging me and I would be knocked back to reality. The reality that I was briefly afraid of.

No parent would want to leave their kids behind I’m sure. But, regardless of religion or belief, we all face one truth; we will expire, we just don’t know when. This is the reason why we should think of our kids’ future and make secure their financial needs.

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If you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, this kind of worry may not be as uncompromising. If you’re born in the same class as the rest of the population, a life insurance would be great if in order. There are companies such as where you can ask for advice and quotes, where you can know about terms and policies surrounding different insurance contracts.

My husband and I both have life insurance as a safety net, our kids being the beneficiary. We carefully took time comparing terms and the many types of insurance before deciding on whole life coverage. Whole life insurance provides lifetime death benefit coverage. The advantages of this type are guaranteed cash values, guaranteed death benefits,  fixed, predictable annual premiums and mortality and expense charges that will not reduce the policy’s cash value. There are disadvantages too but I tend not to dwell on those too much.

There are always new insurance products coming by, you just have to look for a reliable company who would help give you peace of mind knowing that you avail their services with your kids in mind.

Tomorrow scares me…I worry a lot. Though faith tells my I shouldn’t, I still do. For now, I trust that God won’t let my kids suffer by losing us. I do pray hard and I know he listens. It’s probably time I switch to a more upbeat song or probably sing the psalms of David.