We’d all like to be able to afford those big name, designer brands, but the reality is that most of us are barely paying the bills, let alone able to splash out on a pair of £100 shoes. Having a modest clothes budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose out on stylish pieces; with a smarter retail plan, you can look fantastic for a fraction of the price.

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patience is the key

Be Sales Smart


We don’t think that abstinence is the best policy; however, you can become a wiser shopper by working the sales. It’s quite simple: always buy clothes out of season and do your shopping on week days. Thursday is the golden shopping day, as you have much more of a selection at your fingertips than at weekends. Saturday shopping, in particular, leaves you with all the slim-pickings.

Spot a dress that you just have to buy, but it’s a bit out of budget? Wait between 6-8 weeks after it arrives in the shops to snap it up at a discount price.

Know Your Surroundings

The motto of every survival fashionista is “know your surroundings.” Not all the best clothes have big price tags. Keep your eyes open for killer outfits in other stores and venture out into the retail wild.

Stop by in cheaper stores, vintage shops, and even charity shops – even if you don’t find a new t-shirt, you might find yourself gorgeous costume jewellery necklaces. You never know what you might unearth on the sales rails.

Shop Online

Thank goodness for the internet. Trawling around the shops may be great for burning calories, but after the first hour, it starts to get tedious. Fortunately, you can compare prices of outfits more effectively online, and some stores even offer online discounts – if you sign up with them, they’ll often contact you via email with the latest offers. There are even websites that show designer discounted items.

Stuff For Free

If your disposable income has really evaporated, you can always dig out some old items from the back of your wardrobe or scavenge off your friends for their unwanted tidbits. Clothes swaps are gaining popularity and it’s a great way to keep your wardrobe varied and interesting without spending a penny.

To make a little cash, sell off the items that you’ll never use again – especially the stuff that is worth a few bucks. Ebay is great for this; you may be surprised by how much money you can make off unwanted items…which you can then spend! Guilt-free (kind of).

Wear it Well

You can work a pair of jeans and a couple of plain shirts in many ways, as long as you have the right accessories. Accessories are fortunately pretty cheap, especially if you find some gems in charity shops, so stock up and get that extra mileage out of your clothes.

For clothing, make sure you have the basics first, as staple items in a similar colour palette can mix and match. Some items, like jeans, can last you a lifetime.

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