Unforgettable Summer

Beach, apartment and pool, bridges and gondolas, pizza and pasta…Guess where were we one summer time? 🙂

We’ve had fun trips mostly during summer especially when we don’t have plans of visiting home (read: Philippines). Italy was one of those memorable summers we had…though Pinas would have been more enjoyable since we get to spend time with the family not to mention that the money spent  anyway for flight and shopping is the same amount spent for a week at the coasts of Italy. I bet we’d have the same fresh seafoods too!


The apartment we rented in Lignano is in a small compound with it’s own pool and a few minutes away from the beach. When we’re not so ecstatic going to the beach then we let the kids play at the pool. Since this is Italy, where pasta and pizza are originally from, we maximized the opportunity and ate with much gusto…Pasta ala pesto, marinara, carbonara, tomato-based, topped with shrimps, with salmon, ground beef or simply just the sauces, they were awesome. Since pasta can be used/cooked everyday for a year without repeating a dish there’s an endless choice to which we would stuff our selves next. Pizza topped with almost everything edible, cooked by the modern oven or the traditional one…they’re all a delight. We didn’t forget risotto (little rice) too! Chicken, shrimp and anything on it is like eating during a feast at home…and the Gelato of course, pistachio, strawberry, vanilla, straciatella, gum and chocolate, name it and they have it for as low as 0.80€ per cone!

Unforgettable Summer

The highlight of our trip was when we visited the City of Bridges, Venice. Armed with a map and our two cameras, hubby and I toured the city well, as real tourists.  We  bought Murano glasses, some souvenirs (no masks unfortunately), we witnessed a musician playing on wine glasses with water and we reached the Grand Bridge and finally ate canelloni just at the foot of it. We got lost once but got back on track and ended up at the Piazza San  Marco.

This summer we would be home for my brother’s wedding. Surely, we’d be having new memories, new photos to take and new friendships to rekindle.


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