Vanity Bathroom

Among the many things I’d like to redo at home is our bathroom lighting and mirror. Not that vanity lighting sounds better, well, such fixtures looks way better and elegant too.

At the moment, our bathroom looks as though an old couple lives in it. It has brown tiles, wood panel ceiling that made it look gloomy and lighting embedded into the panel. In short, it’s not my ideal bathroom. I’d definitely have it redone soon!


This photo is our corner cabinet by the bathroom. I was supposed to hang that mirror but since it wouldn’t match the colors inside and the built of the bathroom cabinet hubby installed, I’m left with having to put it on this cabinet along with a photo of the kids, some flowers and candles. It’s part of our mud hall and I occasionally use it as paper corner — for all our lots of paper and bills!

Aside from elegant lighting fixtures, any of those big vanity mirrors is on my list of “to buys” for our bathroom. We  have one that we bought just for the sake of having a mirror – it has a small panel where we can put the basics; handwash, toothpaste, comb but it’s too small and stuff tends to fall into the sink if I am in a hurry. A total vanity bathroom would be really nice. Like complementary colors of the wall, sink, mirror and other small details.

This is typically how I would want our bathroom to look like. Contemporary and elegant in black and white. Since the bathroom cabinets are wall-mounted, it’s easier to clean the floor, one of least I enjoy cleaning.