Water attracts kids and they are the happiest being near or being in it. The lake, garden fountains,wall fountains-, water installations, table top  water fountains and even aquariums make them stare and they giggle when thry get wet with splashed water. Well, it’s how things are with my kids.



I can attest that other kids are like that too. For example, when I accompanied my son’s class to the Schönbrunn Zoo we passed by a fountain (left photo) at the garden…one of the kids asked for her photo to be taken where the fountain would be at the background. (Can’t post photo of her as I don’t want the parents to question me.)

We visited the sea lions and during the feeding time too. Aside from feeding them, the trainers would throw fishes for the sea lions to follow, water would splash but the kids wouldn’t mind getting wet, they were deliberately making themselves wet.

I bet they had great fun but I’m not sure if the parents didn’t get angry when they got colds and a runny nose.

Sometime last year I went with my daughter’s  class to the ZOOM Kindermuseum which presents the element water. The museum aims to let children know the importance of water in our lives…there were a lot of installation showcased for the kids to understand how water works.


Above, you can see how attentive the kids were during a water experiment. There were aquariums in the museum too and the kids were fascinated with those, especially to aquariums that doesn’t contain fish but other interesting materials. There were also water pumps much to the kids’ delights.

(Little boy was too busy looking at the water flowing basin that he doesn’t want to turn around for a photo.)

Kids are happy around water and I’m glad the city government installed a water playground across our place. My kids would surely have fun come summer.