prepare for natural disasters

Natural disasters are a fact of life for many people. Preparing for them is not difficult, but when push comes to shove, many people forget. There are many countries in the world where tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes prove to be a very real threat indeed. As a result, it is important for people to take the necessary steps to prepare for these. Usually you will be given ample warning, but for some things it is good to be prepared well in advance. The type of preparation that you do is also going to depend on what sort of natural disaster you are facing.


Remain Informed

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you are constantly informed about what is going on. In the United States, systems like the Emergency Alert System are set up for events like hurricanes. You will want to ensure that you have your phone constantly charged. If you have any friends and family in the local area, then it is a good idea to keep in contact with them. Better yet, make a plan to stay together before the event strikes. This will ensure that you do not worry about your friends or loved ones.

Get Supplies

Supplies can be anything from candles, torches, blankets to food. It is a good idea to get food that is preserved, usually in cans. The likes of floods can end up doing a lot of damage to your home, so if there is such a threat, it is a good idea to store it somewhere up high. There are numerous types of disaster kit available as well, so you will be able to find a hazard disclosure report which will give you guidelines to prepare you with.

Keep Calm

Panicking is not going to do you or anyone around you any good. You will need to make sure that you remain calm so that you can think straight. It is important to ensure that you keep others calm as well. Know how much time you have until the disaster strikes, and make sure that you have some kind of plan put in place. All of this is a lot easier said than done, but by keeping calm you can get things done faster.

Look Out For Your Valuables

If there is anything valuable in your home, then find a safe place for it. If there a threat of floods, try and put something in the attic. If there is a hurricane, then bring a few things down with you into the basement. Of course, it is always important to remember your family’s safety first and foremost.

Have a Contact to the Outside World

Emergency services may reach you faster if you can tell them. Charge up a mobile phone and then switch it off. If you end up getting trapped under rubble, there is a chance you will be able to either call someone or even call the emergency services. This is just one handy little way of remaining prepared. 

Guest post by Michael Plead