If there’s one good thing about being late in an appointment, it would be that you have almost an hour to spend going around the city. That’s what happened to my son and I. We arrived 6 minutes late for our Salt-grotto session so we were put on the next hour. We wandered around the streets which I haven’t explored until then and went back to the building for our session 10 minutes before the agreed hour. (Just making sure we won’t be late this time.)


The area were full of art galeries and clothing/shoes shops mostly on sale! I enjoyed window shopping, teehee. Never really bought anything since I didn’t have money except for a few coins. I also left my card at home. (The beauty of transportation in this city is we’ve paid our ticket for the whole year so I don’t have to worry about fare.)

So there, I saw this painting from one of the galleries – it was hanging across the door so I got a clear shot. I posted the other photo on my city blog, it’s colorful in its own right. Happy weekend!