We planted herbs
I’ve had these 3 pots by the window sill since the start of spring and finally we planted herbs. I had planned on seeding them with herbs so that cooking pasta and other dishes would be tastier. 🙂 The pot came with seed pouches and 3 small bags of loam soil, definitely a kit for home use! I got this from the grocery store near the kids’ school and they were so ecstatic about the idea of planting something.
with plant
I forgot what this plant is called in English…
A willing helper. Saw this photo from my files, I guess my other son took this shot. Little boy was sitting at the kitchen counter, waiting for our baking session which I scheduled after our herb planting activity. – Coincidentally in green.

The seeds included chives, parsley and basil. I haven’t had chives around and I don’t cook with it much so I’m still looking out for recipes that include them. I use parsley a lot; for carbonaras, salads and other pasta dishes. Basil is of course, a favorite; for tomato based pasta sauces, baked chicken and a lot more.

We Planted Herbs

So we put soil in the pots, placed the seeds and covered them again with soil. My daughter has been reminding me to water them. Forgetful as I am, my father-in-law (not biological) suggested that we cover then with plastic wrap. So cover, my daughter did.   

Today I heard a loud call from the kitchen, really was nervous and thought that one of my kids got hurt. I run to the kitchen and my daughter showed me the seedlings. These are basil…the chives have grown too but not as much and the parsley is far behind but they’ve also popped out from the earth.

A few days more and will surely be able to cook with fresh herbs! If you want to know what’s cooking in our kitchen, please visit Mahlzeit. 🙂