I told hubby that I want a private web site hosting for “Mirage.” He suggested I acquire service from his hosting as well. Since I am not ‘techie’ with this stuff I looked around for other options. I wanted service that I can afford and is easy to handle because as I have said I am not so techie with this.
Then there’s Webhostinggeeks, a site that provides a comprehensive review of the best hosting services defined in different categories. This is certainly a big help for me in picking out the best.
Of course I would vie for something that boasts of unlimited space, user friendly panel, an affordable price but there’s more to that, the website pointed out certain other details one by one to better help consumers. Tips are readily available at the front page and further discussed on their blog, which also explains a lot of other technical stuff, a noob like me should know.
Learn more about web site hosting, see which hosts has been positively reviewed by users, which gives out freebies, e.g. free themes, scripts, discount coupons, free adword credits and more.