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I’ve always believed that cake makers are artisans in their own right. The cake itself needs to be done with accuracy, the measurement of ingredients, the pans used, the heat of the oven should all be right to make a perfect cake. The icing that goes with the cake should also be chosen well to match the cake’s taste. And there are so many to choose from…the cake maker also needs to execute making the icing perfectly…to get the right texture and a taste that will not overpower the cake. Then there are the flowers, design ideas and toppers…let’s focus on wedding cake toppers.


It takes a skilled hand to create cake toppers that are of that size above (actual size). Yet, a cake maker can do them with prominent details. from the hair to the eyes, even from the dress to those little flowers; you’d see they were made with precision. What about cake toppers that are customized to look like the groom and bride? Awesome.

Customized cake topper *google image*

There are regular and bobblehead personalized cake toppers which are really cute and would make your guests giggle.  These toppers may cost more than the regular ones and why not, hand-made to look like the couple on their wedding day? That’s art!