Some weekends I took my daughter to one of her closest friends, SM. She was invited for a day of fun, eating, karaoke, watching Tangled, face-painting and playing games. (I unfortunately can’t show their painted faces.) The boys were invited too but decided that they want to stay with their dad at home. There’s no particular occasion but just a day full of fun.

We were surprised to find the ceiling decorated with balloons and stuff — I was told that the dad did all the decoration. SM’s mom cooked fries and chicken nuggets for the kids and a serving of their favorite chocolate cake.

The kids were really amused with the games we prepared. We did sack race and egg relay among others. These games are especially new to SM’s friend who are not of Filipino descent. Below is my daughter (in green sack) going ahead of the pack. Ooops….there were 2 boys too, shouldn’t have entitled this post Weekend with the Girls.