Last week was really a busy one; the kids started school and I was finishing up the translation job that I neglected this blog. I have a lot of drafts on my dashboard. Here’s hoping they’d see the light of publishing soon.

I think I’ve mentioned how I like the school system here, we get the books and notebooks for a fee of 6€ and our job is to cover them with plastic and put on name stickers. I unfortunately am not good in doing that. I had to wait for hubby since he’s done them diligently without bumps. 🙂 By the way, the plastic used is stick-all — not the ones we used where we tape the edges at the back of the book cover. So all books and notebook covers were done by hubby, both for dawty and son #1. I only get to put on the stickers and write their name. teehee! And if it’s even worth saying, I write better than him lol.


Below is dawty’s white workbook in front of my white “workbook” too.

I got nostalgic  with all these books and and school stuff. I remember how my mom, sister and I would be buying everything we need before school starts. We would then help mom as the first week of school runs – we help cover our books and notebooks. Then, we used spiral bound notebooks. I believe they’re cheaper, we then sew them in. At the end of the school-year we can unknit them properly to take the unused pages, sew them in again and use them as an extra notebook. I use mine mostly for writing down thoughts, an informal diary.

Now, I seldom use notebooks to write on, I do have an organizer and an occasional binder for jotting down bible notes and talk highlights but the Macbook has totally taken its place as the main writing tool. Would probably not hurt if I start writing on a real  notebook again.