New Homeowner? Here’s Why It’s Important to Keep Trustworthy Pros on Speed dial

Did you just get approved for a loan on the home of your dreams? If so, the next step is moving in and making any renovations or improvements that may be required. Depending on what you need done, you’ll need to have a myriad of contractors and other professionals who specialize in different types of services. It pays to have pros that are prompt, reliable, and experts in their field. Here are a few that you may wish to have on speed dial just in case you need some work done after you move in.


Keeping your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter months is important with any home. If you’ve been noticing that your utility bills are fluctuating throughout the year, it could be an underlying issue with your home’s heating and cooling system. Having an HVAC pro, like One Hour Heating and Air visit your home and check all of the components of your heating and cooling system may help determine the underlying cause of these changes. Replacing worn out parts and upgrading to a more energy efficient furnace and air conditioning unit may help. Conducting a home energy audit is another way for your heating and cooling pro to determine how well your furnace works and how insulated your home is. He will recommend that you insulate properly to make your HVAC unit work as efficiently as possible.


Building Contractors

A good building contractor can serve multifaceted roles when it comes to home repairs and construction projects. A contractor either does the work himself or subcontracts the work out to his builders or close associates. Having a building contractor on your speed dial who is reliable and reasonable is a great way to gain access to a builder who can get the job done with no fuss. Not having to search through the yellow pages or call several numbers before you find someone who will come out saves time and hassle. If you’ve worked with a contractor before and you were satisfied, consider him or his company your go-to when it comes to needing work done. What should a good contractor be able to help you with? Things like:

  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Cosmetic work such as siding and trim
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Additions and tear downs
  • Interior walls and floors
  • Home remodels

The list is endless when it comes to what a contractor can do for you. If you need some sudden repairs, calling a contractor in your area can help you get your lifestyle back to normal. 


If you’ve had a home inspection done in your home and it comes back that some repairs need to be done before closing, you’ll need to have a plumbing pro available that you can trust. The inspector could have detected that the plumbing in the house is not up to standards and needs a major upgrade. Plumbing fixtures that are loose or outdated will also have to be replaced in order to provide a safe and effective plumbing system throughout the home. Your plumbing also includes your septic system as well. Because the drains tie into together, making sure that there are no clogs or backups is vital to a healthy home. If you like their services, keep them in your contacts list for quick future reference. Burst and frozen pipes, as well as clogged drain, are all reasons to contact a plumber for immediate assistance, day or night.


Being a homeowner is a rewarding experience. Once you’ve hired a contractor to come in and build an addition or repair your pool deck, you’ll want to make sure that your home can handle the additional electrical pull created from the new construction. Knowing an electrician who you trust is important. Knowing the latest advances in electrical engineering and methods is something only a master electrician with ongoing education would be versed in. Looking for flaws in your electrical system as well as performing much-needed panel and wiring upgrades is important. It could mean the difference between having an overload and possible fire or being assured that your home’s electrical circuitry is operating safely.

Making sure that you have a group of professionals who can effectively repair and care for your home’s needs is important. Have the pros you trust on standby now. And for years to come as well, so you can get the issues fixed quickly and effectively.

Important to Keep Trustworthy Pros