We’ve had the Wii balance board for sometime now…unused. No pain, no gain, goes the cliche. Unless I actually use it, the board wouldn’t make me fit, ne?

Wii games such as tennis, bowling and golf are some of the games we (kids, hubby and I) enjoy. Believe you me, these games actually make one perspire a lot. When time won’t permit me to visit the gym like I used to, I’d spend half an hour or so playing tennis with hubby, when he’s too busy the kids would be willing opponents. Wii tennis also helped them a lot that during tennis practice games, they’re able to hit the ball well 😉 .


I’ve read positive reviews about the balance board as well. And I of course intend to write my own. So far I’d run for 8 hours each week….I know, few…but that’s better than nothing right?

Ok…the first part of this article was written almost a month ago lol. I’ve been spending more hours on the board in addition to a belly dancing class. 😀 I’ve been doing lots of hulahoops, boxing and aerobics (I’d say my favorite because I enjoy the dance rev-o too!).

Since it’s too cold outside this is the best hubby and I have as an alternative for biking and jogging. He really enjoys snowboarding and quite funny he’d suit up as well. 😀

I cannot say that there’s a significant difference now than before regarding my weight…2 kilos perhaps but that’s ok, I’m really getting there. There’s no such thing as being late when it comes to fitness so I’m doing mine now and will stay with it until I can. 😉

So far, I’ve run for 8-10 hours each week! 😀 I know, it’s not much but it’s better than none at all.