Since there are not so many occasions (also written occassions) that I celebrate I often misspell it to “ocassion.” If like me you’ve been working with words for 15 or more years, it’s most likely that words are just hanging in your head and you dream of them in the wee hours of the morning. Also, when you actually try to look at one to check the spelling, it seems all wrong! Try it!  Do you spell strength like that or do you spell it like this: strenght ?


There are only 2 competitions I top back in grade school, Bible Quiz and Spelling Bee. 🙂 I was never good in Math as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, or perhaps I wasn’t too interested. I enjoy Science and I’d join in too but I never got a medal for that…but bet on me on a Bible Quiz and a Spelling Bee and you’ll go home happy! 😉 I’m OC when it comes to spellings so I often edit my husband’s post on Facebook when I get the chance lol. One thing not so clear is why my kids didn’t get this from me. They’d often ask me how to spell a word be it German, English or Tagalog but I think I answered my question too – they have difficulties since there are too many words with the same meaning, different sounds, different spellings.

Not misspelling but mirror writing, my left-handed  5-year-old can do it without much effort. But that’s a different story.