These days, you do not have to be strapped to an office chair sitting behind your computer to be productive.  You can actually work on-the-go with various technologies available today.  While some would cringe at the thought of working 24/7, being able to access your work files anytime, anywhere using mobile devices is actually a convenience you can enjoy.  When used properly, these devices can make your working life a whole lot easier and less stressful.  Think of sitting on a comfy couch at Starbucks while finishing up some admin work on your tablet – this sure paints a more pleasant picture of the work environment.  You can work while on the train or while stuck in traffic perhaps to book a working lunch or even to send out the day’s memos.  You can even go on a travel tour and not worry about going back to a pile of paperwork when you get back from your vacation.  You only need to have the right tools to work on-the-go.

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1.  Mobile computing device.  The gadgets today are already capable of basic computing processes.  You do not even need a laptop anymore to do your office tasks.  As long as you have a tablet or a smartphone with the right operating systems and compatible software, you’re good to go.  Make sure you have a browser that can open your email accounts and social media accounts.  You also need a device that can run any corporate apps and software that you might need.

2. Connectivity.  You don’t need to be hooked up to wires anymore to be connected to the internet.  There’s WiFi and 4G technology to keep you connected even while you are on-the-go.  Most commercial establishments offer free WiFi to their patrons – now, that’s a great excuse to hang out at your favourite coffee shop for hours.  You can also make use of your mobile phone plan for 4G internet services.  There are also mobile pocket wifi devices that you can simply plug into your device to connect to the internet.

3.  Storage.  For file access anytime anywhere, you can make use of cloud storage.  There are actually some platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox that allow you to store your files and even share them with others.  The great thing about these cloud services is that you can sync your files so you don’t have to worry about not having the latest version of your files when you work on another device.  Collaborations are also much more convenient this way.  Entire work teams do not necessarily have to be in one location to accomplish their goals.

Recent developments in mobile technology are meant to make lives easier.  Knowing how to take advantage of these modern ways of getting work done will surely help you make better use of your time anywhere you are – even while on a European tour.