I said that I won’t soak myself in such songs that would just make me cry a bucket of tears. I did. Promise. But…sometimes, even without allowing ourselves to go down the road of misery, it will find us. And it will not be easy. Stomach tied in knots, choking up, welling up, it’s never easy.


There are simply moments in life when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, no matter how positive and strong you’ve been. That’s just how I was today. I lost all the usual bubbliness I have, stared out the window without particularly thinking of anything. Blank. Then my stomach took it all, those knots that you get when you’re faced with the unknown made me hope for the day to just pass by unnoticed. But it didn’t.

ocean, sadness

Sadness could be likened to the ocean; it may come on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes it is calm, sometimes overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim…or probably, sleep it off and dream of better days. Then again, these are the moments that would make us realize and appreciate the small things that had brought us smiles within the day.

The ocean is vast, you’ll be drifted to the unfamiliar, you’ll face bumps and rough, tides and unpleasantries. You’ll get hurt, you’ll taste the bitterness of it all, probably almost drown but then again, you can always swim and be stronger, you can just let the water wash away the bad memories and live through it. Ces’t la vie!