I just love the feel of lush and soft carpet under my feet. They somehow feel more comfortable and maybe a tiny bit more luxurious than wood or marble. Carpets, however, need more care and cleaning than your conventional fixed flooring options. To all of us who enjoy the look and feel of carpets in our homes, there are carpet cleaning tips that all of us can take note of.

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Here are some of them:


1. Vacuum your carpet once a week. Especially in locations where it’s dusty, you want to make sure that you do not let dust and dirt get the chance to settle. Through time, dirt can get deeply embedded into the carpet and can cause damage. You might have to do several passes of the vacuum cleaner to do a good job of clearing your carpet of dirt particles.

2. Pay attention to stains, molds, and mildew. These are the three most common carpet problems. You cannot avoid spills from time to time – my little boy accidentally spilled some of his chocolate drink on our carpet just this morning. Luckily, water was all I needed to wash the spill away. Do not carelessly rub over spills and stains or you might unnecessarily spread the stain even more. There are products specifically formulated to remove stains from your carpets without doing it harm. The same goes true for molds and mildew. Use products that are intended to kill the bacteria causing the fungal growth on your carpet. A mixture of lemon juice and water can be a good homemade solution to carpet molds.

3. Get professional help. You cannot possibly give your carpet a deep cleaning yourself. It would be a good idea to have carpet cleaning nyc experts come around to do the job once or twice a year. These professionals are equipped with the tools necessary to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. When you have taken the time to ensure that your carpets are clean from deep down, all you have to do is to be diligent about your regular carpet cleaning duties to ensure that your carpet will last for a long time.