(Trying on a new dress I bought from the pre-teens section.)


I realized that my daughter has grown when I started buying clothes for pre-teens and not for little girls. 🙂 Time really flies so fast and I thought I don’t really want it to go by just like that. Thank goodness, hubby is in tune with this.

We went biking as a family for the first time, the little girl got on her old bike which seems too small now. Good thing I sill have my other bike around, hubby took it out from the cellar and she can ride it well now. Same thing goes for the bigger boy, so we need to upgrade him to dawty’s bike now. 😉 Our youngest has yet to ride with daddy as he can’t go on for long runs, he actually fell asleep.

(Dawty on the small bike, son on even smaller bike.)

We didn’t plan on going anywhere so we just followed the road less travelled…I mean the bike lanes. The city is very friendly for bikers, providing paths for easy travel. We travelled a route that usually takes 15 minutes with a tram and so it was a bit too much for me 😀 . Muscle pull perhaps but I did jog a bit before we left, but the pain was too much I wasn’t able to walk the next day. We ended up at the Waßserpark and saw that lots of flowers has been blooming, there were also kids at the playground, families on picnic, old people/couple out on a walk and ducks at the lake. This is after all adjacent to the Danube…I so wanted to come back and take my camera with me to get some serious photos. (Photos taken with an iphone camera, sorry about that).


(Daffodils in full bloom, Ume/plum blossoms in bloom and dawty watching ducks from afar.)

Next weekend would be a better time, the plants would surely have their leaves then. Have a nice week!

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