Being a bookworm, I am happy seeing my daughter develop that same interest. Last Friday, I went with their class to the district library which the teacher has arranged. They visit regularly, every 2 weeks at most, borrowing books and  also returning the previous ones they’ve read and reviewed a bit in school.

The library was not as big as the libraries I frequent back in PI. This is after all, just a district Bücherei, enough to hold books for the small population and those few heads who are interested enough.


The library has a small corner where kids could lie down and read a book of their choice…lively colors no? This is located in the children’s section and really all kinds of  books that tickles a child’s imagination are here. It’s amazing seeing these kids get lost in their own world through a book. I also noticed that the chairs seem to cater more to the little ones!


The last time the class went, my daughter brought home a book by Risa Wataya, Keritai Senaka (“The Back You Want to Kick”) which in German has a funny title to it. 😀 – This could be because of her interest in Japanese art and language. The book was a bit much for an 8 year-old since it tackles romantic relationships between teenagers. So this time, she asked me a lot of times if the book she got is ok for an 8 year-old. She was being cautious since they need to write a summary of the book later on. She then got 3 books of fables, saying they were easier to understand and write a review of. 😀 (Lol, mana talaga sa mommy pag tinamad!)



Visiting often, the kids know the routine of borrowing and returning books well. They are very familiar with the Librarian, Markus as well. In photos you see, the little girl browsing  a book she got from the shelf,  reading a bit then going to the counter for stamping and that…finally, chitchatting with friends (lol!).


Lastly, a very personal touch included in this trip is the Librarian reading a story to the children. It’s about the lion and the hare, on  lesson about listening.

I also registered for membership (18€ for a year) and borrowed Rembrandt’s childhood sketches and Gail Tsukiyama’s Die Straße der tausend Blüten (The Street of a Thousand Blossoms). I also wanted to borrow Berta von Suttner’s Nobel Prize winning work Die Waffen Nieder (Lay down your arms) but it was unfortunately still on  loan. No worries, there’s a next time and I can”t guarantee that I can finish the book soon since I still have another book (Emma, Jane Austen) that I’ve began reading…

Here’s to us bookworms!

—Enjoy the week!—