Italian Adelmo Fornaciari, Commander (Order of Merit of the Italian Republic) or more popularly known as Zucchero is a personal favorite. His music is largely inspired by gospel, blues and rock music, and just as his stage name, Zucchero – Italian for sugar, suggests; his voice is sweet, soothing and subtle.

Hai Scelto Me is one of his songs that I dearly like…especially when rendered as a wedding song. I’ve been trying to find another video or an mp3 at least of the English version but to no avail. I have always been listening to this one, a video depicting the love of Pirates of the Caribbean’s Davy Jones and Tia Dalma.


You’ve chosen me, oh no
When it happens
I’ve chosen you,
I don’t know
When it happens

Changes my life to a love song
This love is so strong
You’ve chosen me
And now that I, I’ve

I’ve chosen you
Oh, oh, my love
Let it happen
Changing my life to a love song

Changing my life to a love song
This road is so long
I’m a runaway train going off the rails
My love is so strong

I don’t know why, if you
You’ve chosen me
Oh, pass my way If it happens..

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