Weather forecast just in: we’ll be having ten days of snow. Everything we set our eyes on will be covered and smothered in snow. We will be living in a white wonderland for the days to come, and I’m already beginning to feel like Mrs. Claus on Prozac. If I were to be given a choice between summer and winter, I’d choose summer without batting an eyelash, that’s for sure. But the threat of chilly ice making its way to our home doesn’t really dampen my spirits. My arsenal is ready, and I have quite a few ideas on how to make our snowy days fun and exciting.

rawwr snow fun
Snow fun!

Snowball fights. There’s nothing like hurling a massive ball of ice at your older brother or your mom. More than an excuse to get all that pent up anger out, throwing snowballs at each other is simply fun. You let go of all restrictions, and just smack your loved ones in the face with ice.

Snow angels. My kids and I have always enjoyed lying in the snow, making snow angels. Personally, I feel I’m able to really relax and let go as I lie flat on the snow. I feel as if I’m without a care in the world.

Sledding. Going on a downhill slope gives my kids a thrill like no other. They get an adrenalin rush as their stomach twists and turns.

Chilling in the patio. This is the perfect time to bring out the outdoor heater and spend some time just hanging out in the patio. As a family, we enjoy gathering round to share stories of how our day went. Stories about squirrels or hamsters (?) dying of fatigue from going around the wheel never cease to entertain me.

If subzero temperatures are also looming over the horizon for you, don’t let it stop you from having fun. There are so many ways to have fun in the snow. Just be sure to wrap yourselves well to keep from getting too cold. Snow is so hot!

 snow, sled
Ready to Sled! go!