Dream Destinations for Kiddie Travellers


Travelling is a great way to expand people’s horizons, despite destinations. Experiencing different cultures and discovering new sights is a fun and exciting way to learn about the world. Travel fanatics would invest time and money in exploring new frontiers . That’s from the most rugged to the most modern destinations around. There are also those whose aim is to visit the Seven Wonders of the World during their lifetime. There are others who would be simply happy to travel to places that they can afford.


Some Dream Destinations for Kiddie Travellers

The wide range of travel packages available allows families to achieve their travel dreams easily. Parents can plan their vacation with the kids to destinations that will bring them memories to last a lifetime. Here are some vacation spots that Kiddie Travellers are sure to enjoy.

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Daughter at Disneyland Resort Paris

Paris, France

The romantic City of Lights is a favored destination for sophisticated urban chic travellers, art lovers, and romantic couples. The city they also offer some great spots for children of all ages. A trip to Paris will not be complete without a trip to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Families can enjoy a lovely picnic on the lawn or surrounding park areas with a great view of the tower. The Seine River Cruise is also another way for the kids to enjoy the Paris landscape, scenery and architecture. But the most popular Parisian spot for kids is none other than Disneyland Paris. A day is not enough to cover all the wonderful attractions in their magical place. If the kids have their way, they’ll probably spend their entire vacation with the Disney Characters that they love.

hello kitty sanrio puroland
Sanrio Puroland


The Land of the Rising Sun is another fun and interesting place for the kids to visit. The land of Hello Kitty and anime characters hold some of the most innovative and modern structures around. The Sanrio Puroland Theme Park holds seven attractions that feature Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends. The kids will also love taking their pictures wearing various Sanrio costumes at the Mini Photo Factories and Plants at the Puroland. They also have their own Tokyo Disney Resort with the twin amusement parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Let the kids experience Japanese culture with a visit to the Ghibli Museum, Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower, a ride in the Bullet Train, and stop at a traditional Japanese Restaurant.


A country that is also a great destination for Theme Park Lovers with the Europa-Park, Playmobil Funpark and Legoland in its map. The Europa-Park, with a mix of attractions that cater to the adventurous thrill-seekers, children, senior citizens, and the disabled, is one of the best theme parks in the world . A visit to the themed areas, exhibitions and interactive areas is something that the kids will truly enjoy on top of the thrilling rides in the park. Legoland Parks hold more than just roller coaster rides, water adventures and shows in their park. Their MINILAND attraction is an amazing sight to witness.

This wonder took over 25 million LEGO bricks to recreate famous European towns and landscapes. There are a lot more theme parks all over the country, you just have to look which is the nearest in the city you are visiting. Parents can also let their kids experience a bit of history and fairy tale magic with a trip to the Castle Road where they can get glimpse of some famous castles in the country.

Florida, USA

The sun and the sand make Florida a great destination for some outdoor beach fun for the whole family. Aside from some great family beach resorts, this state also has several theme parks that attract visitors from different parts of the world including Disneyland Florida, Universal Studios Orlando and Sea World Orlando.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Another of these dream destinations is a bright city that both kids and adults can enjoy. Kid-friendly spots like the Adventure Dome, Lion Habitat, Mirage Dolphins, Stratosphere Tower, Town Square Las Vegas, and the Shark Reef are worth exploring. There are also family shows featuring magic tricks, musicals, and acrobatic performances for the kids to watch. Parents who would like to go on late night excursions after putting the kids to bed need to have an efficient and trusted guardian who can watch over the kids for a few hours.

The children of today are quite lucky to have affordable travel packages. Such modern conveniences that make traveling a practical leisure option for the whole family. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime to visit dream destinations anymore. Some travel goals can be reached with a little planning and a little savings.

My kids and their cousin at Tucherland, Germany