Date nights with hubby and night outs with friends are rather impossible for stay at home moms (like me) who employ no house help or fulltime nannies. With no one to leave young kids with, night outs are forgone until the kids are fully grown up and can be left at home by themselves (sad sad life).



This doesn’t always have to be the case though as we all know that moms do need a break from their household duties and that spouses do need to have romantic dates to keep their marriage in full bloom. One can always look for a baby sitter to stay with the kids every once in a while. Do consider these things in getting a babysitter on your night outs:

1. Relatives are often the best babysitters. There’s no one more trustworthy than your own parents, aunts, or siblings. If they are within the neighbourhood, leaving your children in their care would ensure that you get to be worry-free on your night out.
2. Ask friends for recommendations. Friends in your circle are bound to have their own reliable babysitters who they trust. Your friends can also provide you an idea of how much babysitters usually charge for their services.
3. Interview the babysitter. No matter how highly recommended a babysitter is, make sure that you do interview her first before entrusting your children in her care. Ask about previous experience, knowledge of emergency procedures, and fees.
4. Check the babysitter’s rapport with your children. Invite the babysitter to stay with the children while you are at home. See how they interact with each other and how the babysitter attends to your children’s needs. Ask your children also how they feel about the babysitter.

Remember to trust your instinct – mothers are known to have great ones. Make sure you are completely comfortable leaving your children with the babysitter you are hiring. If you have a close-knit community, it would be wise also to have parents take turns in babysitting. That way you all get to save on babysitting fees and get to have your date nights.

Once you’ve found a babysitter you can fully trust and rely on, treat her well so she won’t hesitate babysitting for you anytime you need her. After all, a dependable babysitter who’s always on call can make date nights with hubby and night outs with friend possible.