Having niche blogs is quite difficult if the memes I’m joining have themes. For today’s Mommy Moments, the theme is Family Trip, so this should fall under Our Travels blog. I am sharing a few of the photos, hopefully those you haven’t seen yet of some of the trips we had from before.


Above (Disneyland Resort Paris), daughter with long-haired dad and Mickey Mouse who took the pen that the hubby gave him to sign up dawty’s autograph book. Right, a shot at the Matabungkay beach…who said that Batangas beaches won’t fare with other beaches around the country e?

See? The sand in Lignano, Italy is not as white as Boracay, nor the waters as blue as in Matabungkay…still the kids enjoyed it well and has been requesting for a visit to the beach or any water near us…with the weather being crazy – summer at 14-18° — impossible…perhaps an indoor pool would make up for that.

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