This post is proof that I haven’t got much me time. ^_^ The last post on this blog was 8 days ago and it means I haven’t been sitting around to write something for this me blog. As you noticed I chose the subdomain as this is supposed to be a personal blog after all.

My two older kids go to school already, I pick them up either at 12noon or at 1PM. My youngest attends a Kindergarten 10  minutes away from where we live. I pick him up a little bit before 3PM so he can eat and have his afternoon sleep there. So for the 4 hours in between taking the kids to school and picking them up I do about my chores, blog a bit, buy groceries or finish up documents at the finance office…if not, you’d see me in the gym.



I would run for half an hour and aftwerwards do some targeted training for the back, tummy and lower back and tummy again. ^_^ There I could also have some silent moments with myself, reflect on the things that happened in the not so distant past and think about what to cook for dinner. lol.

Next time I’ll make use of the sauna too! Perhaps on a Saturday that I’m not thinking of hurrying to pick up the kids.


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