This is hubby less 20 kilos ago, hihi. He’s holding our older son whom everyone calls “little him” for being his deadringer.

I heard guy friends say that a person’s views about life changes when they become a father. Perhaps it’s true, they mature and become more responsible. They, as every parent would, only like what’s best for their kids and would do their best to provide.

Mothers are always known to bond with their kids while dads are always out working.  Dads are the same though, they love the kids just the same only they aren’t as showy. (Women are from Venus, men are from Mars could also be rewritten as Moms are from Venus and Dads are from Mars.)

As for hubby, I know that he is doing his best for our kids. He would bring them out to play ball. He is planning to teach them Taekwondo too, we only need to find a proper location. He would also bring us to play together – basketball, wall climbing, tennis as long as time permits. If not, they play wii and other games at home. I know for a fact that my kids enjoy their time with him and sometimes too, they like being with him than with me. Poor mommy is boring! lol


A photo of my dad and my older brother merely a year-old. It pains me seeing this, knowing I’d only see my dad in photos but as I said, I’d be holding on to the promise of seeing him again.

mommy moments