Uprooting during pregnancy can mean undue stress for your baby. On the scale of stressful occurrences, it’s second only to losing a close relative. With your hormones already out of control, the last thing you want is the pressure of moving to a different location on your mind.


As a vessel for your new bundle of joy, it’s up to you to remain as stress-free and well as possible. In the face of this monumental task, that may seem impossible, but relax – we have advice from real mothers who, so you can relocate without a hitch.

baby small childrenPreparation  

Moving house with a bump, may not be the wisest move to make, but we all know, life sometimes makes these unavoidable decisions for us. It’s all in the preparation. Like with your own pregnancy plan, it’s crucial that you take the right precautions.

You can’t do the heavy lifting, so get someone to do it for you. Compare online the quotations from removal companies, avoiding Fridays and weekends, as they are the busiest days.

Something that could take you an entire day can take the professionals a couple of hours. So relax with a cup of tea whilst the guys struggle with your bookcases. Don’t be afraid to make them do all the work – it’s their job. If removal companies fail to conduct the move in a safe way and you are consequently harmed, you should contact established family law solicitors and make a claim. If possible, avoid accidents entirely – get away for the day and have your partner or close relative manage the move, whilst you go to a spa and relax!

If you are doing your own packing, start months in advance. Box up things that you won’t need to hand first, like clothes you can’t fit in anymore and CDs. Make sure that you invest in a set of high-quality boxes, so you don’t have to face the disaster of the bottoms falling through.

Label each box clearly so you know which essentials you need to unpack first, and you can stagger the unloading process over a number of days or weeks. If you have a spare room or a garage, leave all the boxes in here so they’re not under your feet, and get your house in order.

Do not exhaust yourself and don’t bed down too much. Never pick up heavy things. Bribe relatives and friends with a nice meal, baked goods, and wine, so they will help with the organisation and packing/unpacking. Plus, nothing beats that fresh cookie smell in a brand new house.

At Your New Location

Do a test-run to the nearest hospital and familiarise yourself with its set-up. This will avoid extra complications when you go into labour. Map out where all the necessary shops are, like supermarkets and pharmacies.

Make a “survival pack” the day before the move which is full of all the essentials like food. Keep your hospital bag in the car at all times – don’t pack it.

Register with your local medical centre immediately. Get your files transferred and develop a relationship with your new midwife.

Moving with Children

Involve your children in the moving process, and stay positive. Arrange a trip at your new location, so they have something to look forward to. If you get them on board with the decoration of their new room, this can increase their excitement for a new home.

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