knitted shoes I love shoes perhaps more than I love chocolates…I don’t claim to be a fashionista and I’ve only blogged about them three or four times here and those were themed memes too. Since this blog has been a mixed bag, might as well throw in a pair or two.:)

I got these knitted boots (boot in the photo haha) a month ago, my first flat boots and I’m loving them. Built for comfort, the knit on these warm boots is as cozy as can be, 12 inches  in height, pretty much covers my legs on the not so cold days. The perfect pair for skinny jeans or leggings and a long shirt!


I’ve complained once about footaches after wearing flats for a long time and thought, aren’t they better than those with heels? I think flat shoes have disadvantages too like thin soles or little built-in support inside but this pair are fine except for the lack of height that my other shoes give. (Plus points for being 30Euros only!) 😉