To Niche or Not To Niche

Blogging for money is nothing new to people looking for an extra income stream or to those who would rather work from home. A common advice for newbie bloggers is to find a niche that they can focus on. Although it makes sense to choose a particular niche to create content for, this advice often takes a lot of the blogger’s time and effort without necessarily bringing the desired results. What a blogger ultimately has to concern himself about is how to generate a steady stream of traffic for his blog site and consequently generate income.

Rather than obsessing about niches, it would be advisable to focus more on who you want to talk to and what they might be interested in. This still sounds a lot like choosing a niche, but it really is a different perspective towards blogging. Think about who you want to talk to and what they might be interested in instead of thinking about a specific topic and then trying to tweak it every which way to appeal to your audience. When you take this perspective, you can have content with mixed topics all written and presented in one voice and tone that speaks directly to your target audience.


Some of the benefits of having a blog with mixed topics include:


· Broader content

– when you are not confined to a single topic or niche, your content is broader and more extensive to appeal to a spectrum of audiences. Blogging becomes comparable to chatting with friends at tea time or over dinner, talking about anything that is interesting at the moment.


· Sustainable audience interest

– blogging with mixed topics should stir your audience’s interest in your blog. Since your topics are varied, you will keep them coming back to your page to check out what’s new. The challenge for you as the blogger would be to keep your pieces up-to-date with the latest issues and concerns that your target audience would want to know about.


· Value-added experience : To Niche or Not To Niche

– taking the time to have content about the latest issues your audience will be interested in can be your ticket to giving your audience more than just a so-so time scanning your blog. Your varied topics written in a voice that your audience can relate to will get them to actually read your blog and enjoy doing so. Only when you give your audience such an experience can you expect your “readership” and traffic to grow and eventually make your blog a steady income source.

To Niche or Not To Niche