There have been many times that my book gave up on me, the batteries stopped charging up, the OS failed and there was one time that the little boy put some coins in the dvd player and some more. The most recent was when we were in the Philippines, it just stop booting. I believe the logic board was the problem. It was a good thing that we still have the repair guarantee then. But after the guarantee expired, it was different. At one time, we had to buy the keyboard from Mac and it costs 300 euros so we didn’t. Hubby opted the repairs himself. He would look for parts online and do the repairs soon.

Well, nowadays computer repair service are much easier that it was years ago…I remember I had to bring the pc at a repair shop and picking it up afterwards. With PowerbookMedic, repairs and upgrades are easily done, yur book can be shipped and returned to you just like new!