Playmobil Pirate Ship
Playmobil Pirate Ship


Our trip to Zirndorf’s Playmobil is still fresh in the boys’ minds, particularly the pirate ship and log raft adventure that they would often play pretend as pirates using their bed bunks. They’ve often asked for a playset. Pirate ship playsets are too off the budget for us and since we don’t have a yard to put it into, I would often take the kids out. It’s spring anyway, they enjoy the big playground opposite our place.


If you are planning to buy playsets for your kids, consider the following so that you get the best and experience the best from your purchase. You could choose pirate for a theme or a simple swing set with all the other features – slide, ladders, rope and net climb, rock wall and more.

1. Measure the yard where you want the set placed. Allow a buffer zone for each side of the set.

2. Consider putting mulch, sand or rubber as base for your set. These will reduce the chances of getting the kids bump their heads on solid ground. Scout shops for the best deals on mulches.

3. Trim away the trees that could be of hazard to your set, do this weeks before you install your purchase.

window, pirate ship playset

4. Choose which type you’d buy. Wood, Plastic or Metal? Each has its pros and cons, metals would be the sturdiest but you can’t upgrade or add accessories as they are almost always fixed. Plastic playsets would be the least to last and more appropriate indoors but it’s easier to carry outside too. Wood-made are also sturdy and it would be easier to add more when you fancy something that is not in the set.

 5. Pick your set with the help of the kids. Ask them what they’d want included in it. As you shop, have a feel of the swings and if you don’t feel like it, you can always shop for something else.

6. Pick a set with a lifetime warranty or at least one that will cover replacements and all for a long time.

7. Consider shipping costs. There are sets that you can take home there and then and assemble right away. There are those that is shipped or delivered and will be installed by a group of men sent by the company you bought the playset from. To make installation flawless, hire such, talk with the company and you may add a few dollars for the installation, sometimes they come in free.

8. Maintain and clean your playset. Weeds and other things can corrode wood, water and sun can decolorize plastics and in time, bolts get a bit loose, make sure you are ready to fix these or plan ahead to avoid them.

With all these, let your kids enjoy a wonderful playset that would surely be an important part of their childhood.

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