preparing potato pancakes
Eggs are a staple for our breakfasts.It doesn’t mean though that they’d be served fried, boiled or as plain yolk and white. When time permits I cook up pancakes with the help of the kids or muffins with 2 good fresh eggs.On lazy days, we just have toast with egg and ham or tuna spread. I learned to appreciate eggs when I started my gym routine. I needed protein for workout and egg whites side by side with tuna is the best source of protein readily available from our kitchen. Whey, of course, I could just buy from the gym.
potato pancakes with salmon and dill
One of our favorite bite-size breakfast meal and sometimes appetizer would be this potato pancake. I saw this from one of Nigella’s video (video taken down, unfortunately) and loved how easy it is…yummy too and fancy since smoked salmon is included. 😀 (I’m biased when it comes to Salmon.)
Knowing Nigella Lawson you’d know how she likes to cook express meals and would often feature meals that can be served within half an hour. This is one of those dishes and I really love it being so.

Recipe here.

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