Can you share any budget or money saving tips that you find effective?

Since we became a family of five, budget for home dining has increased. Cutting down or saving a little hasn’t been so easy but things I find helpful are as follows;

Plan your meals/recipes for the whole month. And make a variety for a week with fish, meat, pasta, rice, bread and vegetables to complete your required vitamins and minerals daily supply.

List down the ingredients for each recipe so you know exactly what you need, IN ORDER. Keeping a list of things to buy will really make you avoid impulse buying.

Buy in bulk, calculate how much meat, rice you will need for the month and buy them in stores where bulk sales are cheaper. If you get discount coupons, the better. Use them, they will save you a lot or if the store offers free membership where pointing system also gives you discount, sign up for it!

Boil pork/beef meat altogether (add a little salt) and part them into servings you’ll need for your recipes. Cut up chicken pieces and part, use the good ‘ol tupperware and refrigerate. Its easy taking them out to defrost day before cooking them.

Buy vegetables and other easily rotting ingredients on the day you are to cook it to stop them from rotting and stop you from wasting your money.

Hope that helps.

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