Meet the latest addition to my best buds! 😉 I got them from an online shoe store.

I was actually browsing for snowboots since the weather has been so low and my feet hurt when we go bobsleighing/sledding.While browsing I decided on these kneehighs instead of the snowboots! 😀


When I say online, there are lots of them out there where shoeholics can compare prices, they get the best pair for their budget. Shopwiki is one of those helpful sites that I often visit. ShopWiki gives online shoppers a wider range of  products, more stores, price comparison plus lots of valuable tips.

Shoe online shops are the best store to find the best  deal, many shoe brands are being sold relatively cheaper than in the real stores  across the web.  However, if the fit is wrong or they don’t look right for your feet, there is the hassle of shipping them back. This is why Shopwiki is very helpful in giving out tips on buying shoes.

The portal interestingly provided a category for each type of shoes that we wear on occasion, making it easier to browse. There’s the running shoes page, sneakers page and even the wedding shoes page. I have been spending time on that page because my older brother is getting married and I would come as a photographer…since there would be photo opps for me, I wanted the look of a semi-photog by wearing an appropriate suitpants with shoes that will not go ‘toctac-ing’ as I walk around. 😀 There definitely are pumps with rubber soles that would best fit my attire…just need to keep looking.