This was little boy when he was exactly 3 months old…I had him most of the time on a baby carrier than in a stroller. It was more convenient for me and I know that its better for him especially on cold days. And I’ve been sort of letting our strollers collect dust. Yep, strollers, it was like a collection of sorts because whenever I’m not comfortable with one I’ll buy another. So there came a time that we had 6 strollers at home.

I had the carrier for 9 months, the little boy got bigger and learned to walk at that time. I then disposed of the other strollers (read:ebay) and stuck with the red Quinny jogger and the Esprit buggy which proved useful to us during our out of town trips.

It’s true that baby carriers and slings are a convenient option for moms to carry their babies around. Aside from the emotional comfort babies get, they are physically close to their moms giving them more security. Thankfully, Baby slings offers different carriers, wraps and slings that can be used from ages 0-36 months. Yes, even for toddlers but  as the child ages…adds weight, strollers or buggys are more practical to use.

(Sitting down and admiring the paintings at the Louvre museum, little boy on buggy)

I particularly recommend strollers that are easy to fold, easy to manuever and not too bulky. is one of the most detailed online store for strollers, stroller accessories, carriers and anything related to baby travel. There are categories that one can browse…by brand, price and type as what you like might be jogger type or you can choose from a wide range of pram strollers, all terrain strollers and more.

The review page is also very helpful as real customers give their 2cents worth about the products they bought. Should I have seen their website earlier, I shouldn’t have bought so much strollers before…because with all the information they provide, I would’ve easily known which one to choose…